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Logic Blocks

More gates


DIP Packages

Mystery Box

Box Insides

Direction Bot

Digital Logic

Signal Plan Truth Table

Logic gates for Truth Table

Boolean Equivalent

Boolean Algebra

Combinational Logic

Computer Instruction Example

Binary Addition

ALU Adding Circuit

Full Adder

Computer Data Path

Memory Map

Complete Data Path

Software Abstraction

Arcuino Uno

Arduino Pinout/Signal Diagram

Liquid Crystal Displays

LCD Spec

LCD Hookup

Thermastat Example

Thermastat Code

Thermastat Code Cont.

I2C Bus Circuit

Thermastat Code end

Wireless Comm

XBee Door Bell

Door Bell - button code

Door Bell - Receiver Code


MAX3421 Chip

Arduino and BT

SPI Bus Diagram

BT PS3 Motor Controller Code

BT PS3 Code Cont.


Arduino Interrupt STatements

Interrupt Precautions

Stepper Motors

Inside a Stepper

Stepper Demo

AdaFruit Driver Shield

Combined Technologies

Sensor Setup

Opto Interrupter

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