Intermediate Arduino PPT Slides

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Title Slide

Eye Opener


Language Support

SmallBot Update

SmallBot Sound

Paralax Board Schematic

Parallax Board

Our Baseline

Public Service Notice

Classes in C++

General Description

Morse.h File

Morse.cpp File

SOS Sketch

Hardware Layout

Telegraph_2 Sketch

Sketch Contined



Hex Example

Morse Code readout

Telegraph Constructor

How we Symbolize Morse Code

Finding the Index

Send_Message Method

Send_Message Continued

Lets Run Some Tests

Pieces of the Puzzle

Parts of the Library File


Sound Sketch

Hardware Layout for Sound

Serial Comm with Arduino

Serial Class Statements

Print Statements

Serial Bus Info

Serial Monitor Screen

ASCII Table Again

Using Serial Interface

Clean Layout of Data

Pause - more coming

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