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Title Slide

Eye Opener

Arduino Pedigree

Glossary Fodder

Popular Shields

Some cool hardware

Other microcontrollers

Who started Arduino

Arduino Uno Board

Arduino Uno Pinout

Arduino IDE

IDE details

How to find the IDE

Where to place the API and IDE

Getting started

Face of the IDE

Examples of Arduino.h Methods

Analog Conversion


Section Slide

Arduino power management

Nice beginning setup

Breadboard and External Power

ATX Supply

Power Box 2.0

Pot Controlled LED

Example Sketch


Push Buttons

What Defines a One or Zero

Button Sketch

Button Bounce

Debounce Sketch

Button Control of RGB LED

RGB LED Sketch

Read a Pot Sketch

Serial Monitor

DC Motor Control

PWM Again

PWM Explained Further


Back EMF Spike Control

H-Bridge Logic

More with PWM

Motor Driver Shield

Venders for Motors

Servo Motors

Servo Explaination

Servo Guts

Servo Feedback

PWM with Time

Servo Example

How Software Sees Servo

Servo Sketch

Segue to Intermediate Session


4-Wheel Cart

XBee Door Bell

DTMF Phone

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