RGNU 17 October PPT Slides

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Title Slide

10,000 Foot View


In the Beginning

Thought 1.0

One Ton Hard Drive

UNIAC Computer

Tiny PC

Let Work with Arduino

Arduino Focus

Chapter 1 Review

Listing 2-1

Listing 2-3

Listing 2-4

Listing 2-5

Listing 2-6

Listing 2-6 cont.

Chapter 3 Review

Pot Controlled LED


Chapter 4

Arduino Power Distribution System

Listing 3.2

Listing 3-3


Chapter 4

DC Motors


H-Bridge Details

Switching Logic

Pulse Width Modulation

PWM Explained

Motor Controller Board

Controller Signal Logic

NAND Gate Logic

Controller Clockwise

Controller CounterClockwisse

Controller Braking

Motor Driven Sled Layout

Motor Controller Sketch

Demo Photo

Servo Motor Explanation

Light Detector Projext

Chapter 5 - Sound

Chapter 6 - Serial Comm

Go Forth and Computer

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