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PQ Robotics Club: Meeting 2

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12 March, 2014 Minutes of the Meeting:

1. We met in The Garage.

2. Darius Miller's slides (PPT).

3. Attendees - Alfredo, Sandra, Jeff, Darius, and myself

I started the meeting with a presentation of how to write a C++ Class to send Morse Code. The first example was simple, then the Class was expanded to provide the Class an interface to the serial monitor screen, a flag to print out the letter/number with the code dots and dashes for and enties typed into the Send ling on the monitor screen. The the saftware was demo with a circuit breadboard. The Morse Code was beeped out in sync with a LED blink. The Morse Code symbols and letter was printed out on the monitor screen.

Darius then presented his slides on how not to create a Class and generally spoke of writing code structured code.

The group was involved with lots of questions and we learned a lot.

The meeting was basically complete, but I brought out some books and vehicles to show the group. We fired up the Wild Thumper vehicle now that it is complete with a video feed to a laptop. I showed a video I made earlier showing we driving the vehicle around in the backyard from my laptop in the garage using the video link and the RC controller. It's great fun, because it just like you are in the driver's seat on the vehicle its self.

Here are some YouTube reference to video we looked at:

  1. Multiple CNC designs
  2. acrobatic quadcopter
  3. Overview of Quad acrobatic skills
  4. uFactory Robotic Arm
  5. Wild Thumper Ride