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ATX Supply Conversion

ATX back view ATX closeup You can see the design better in these pictures. The one on the right shows the original ATX chassis with the Bud-box cut away. I used a nibbler tool. All the front panel holes were drilled before assembly. My advice for using the supply is to build a few banana jacks with a 22 gauge wire, one red and one black or green to connect to a project breadboard. I have two sets. One with just stripped back wire to insert into a breadboard, and another set with banana jacks on each end to plug into the larger breadboards with banana receptacles on them.

The ATX supply I started with had the following ratings. Yours might be different:

  1. +5  volts 30A
  2. +3.3 volts 28A
  3. +12 volts 15A
  4. -12 volts 0.8A

There was a -5V tap, but I didn't bring it out. Look at the connector pinout listings in the spec to find the special control lead for the keep-alive supply. The general spec guidelines can be found my Googling: Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors. Most of the document is not relevant to this project, but a good understanding of how the control system works is necessary, so look at the document carefully before you make decisions on what you plan to do.

ATX Connector Here is the connector diagram I used for the project. Make sure yours matches or go look for one that does. Pay attention to the notes at the bottom. They are a good guideline and help understand the text in the spec.

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