Homemade Breadboard Computer Slides

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8-bit Home Computer

Why Are Numbers Important

Philosopy to Electricity

Logic Gates

Binary vs Decimal


Actual Logic Gates Defined

More Gates

Flipflop Register

Bus Driven Design

What's a Bus

What's in RAM

Prog Counter Start

RAM Address Data Exposed

How Instruction are Interpreted

What's an Opcode

Our Assembly Language

Data from RAM

Data Transfer to A or B

Answer Moves to A

Answer Moves to the Display

Importance of Clocks

Defining all the Instructions

What We Need to do to Write the Program

Sample Program Details

RAM Diagram: How Manual Mode Works

Binary Addition

Binary Subtraction

Logic Gates Make Up ALU

Logic Trick for Subtraction

View of the Circuit Board

Select Circuits

Bus Circuit Details

Reset and Clock Circuit Details

EEPROM Programmer

Go Forth and Compute

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